✨ Vintage Luxury Eyewear that has traveled through time.

🔶🔸 So, why vintage eyewear and why the name? I've always loved sunglasses and unique frames. It’s like owning a piece of art.  I was notorious as a young child for taking my mother's sunglasses off of her face and wearing them around. The same (now vintage) sunglasses she eventually passed down to me. My great uncle Eugen (who worked for an optometrist) would gift my mother a pair of sunglasses every time she went back home to Germany. The meaning behind the name? Golden Pyramid came from my .childhood obsession with the movie, “Desperately Seeking Susan.” I remember seeing Madonna wearing this magical golden pyramid embellished  jacket in the movie. She rocked that and a pair of sunglasses and I was mesmerized. Clearly, I was an old soul and Sesame Street didn’t appeal to me. Golden Pyramid Sunnies exudes a vibe and is curated. My passion is deep rooted and each piece in my collection is chosen by me. It’s more than fashion, it’s a culture. I provide vintage, luxury eyewear that has traveled through time. My intentions are for people to be apart of fashion history and to put life into my pieces! I'm based out of Houston, Texas 🔸🔶 xxx Bria

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